Cultura Profética Sound Off About Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

Last Sunday, backstage at the Afro-Latino Festival at Restoration Plaza in Bed Stuy, I spoke with Cultura Profética bassist Eliut González and drummer Boris Bilbraut about the Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. Cultura has long espoused out of the box ways to deal with US colonialism, including, in songs like “No Me Interesa,” critiquing overconsumption and dependence on entitlement programs as part of the trap of second-class citizenship. Of course, these are things that plague the rest of the internally colonized people of the US, something that is reflected in how it was largely people of color–historically been denied credit and mortgages–who were trapped into loans they could not afford in the 2000s. The packaging of those bad debts into toxic financial instruments was one of the main causes of the 2008 recession, and the same scenario is being repeated in Puerto Rico, with the same bad banking actors ready to profit again. Here’s what Eliut and Boris have to say (en español):


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