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Living in Spanglish Radio: Afro-Latino Edition

This edition of Living in Spanglish Radio features an interview with Amilcar Priestly, co-director of New York’s Afro-Latino Festival. In our conversation we talk about the growing need for and efficacy of expressing an Afro-Latino identity and even talk a little about its connection with Black Lives Matter. I also play music featured at the […]

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Urban/Global Politics

Cultura Profética Sound Off About Puerto Rico Debt Crisis

Last Sunday, backstage at the Afro-Latino Festival at Restoration Plaza in Bed Stuy, I spoke with Cultura Profética bassist Eliut González and drummer Boris Bilbraut about the Puerto Rico’s debt crisis. Cultura has long espoused out of the box ways to deal with US colonialism, including, in songs like “No Me Interesa,” critiquing overconsumption and […]

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