In 1991, I investigated the death of Freddy Pereira while in NYPD custody. Freddy had a famous stepfather, salsa singer Tito Nieves, and ran into trouble when police discovered him passed out in a car he broke into to spend the night.
In the early 1990s, the Dominican community in Washington Heights experienced a period of increased activism provoked by police abuse, exemplified by cases like Kiko García’s.
Washington Heights became a center for Latinx organizing around issues of police brutality. I covered a daylong protest march that featured cultural activities. This piece was featured on the “In the Papers” segment on New York 1
By 1996, the movement against police brutality was gaining momentum. A march to Police Plaza included newly politicized members of the street gang The Latin Kings.
By the following year, the Latin Kings were quite a phenomenon. This feature explores their radicalization and their charismatic leader, King Tone Fernandez.

A previous life

While I was at the Village Voice in the 1990s, I wrote about the way police violence affected Latinx in New York. Here are some of those stories.


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