While it’s been written about or alluded to here and there, Carmelo Anthony’s Puerto Rican identity is not one of his most celebrated aspects. In fact he has been more recently been saddled with the tag of “selfish ball-stopper,” the anti-hero of a racially tinged drama called “Pass First vs. Iso-Melo.”

The jury is still out on whether Anthony is the kind of star-athelete that can merge the ideal individual with the team concept and win big in The Only Basketball Town That Matters. But we can at least be clear that he wears his Afro-Latino soul on his sleeve–or rather at the apex of his shooting hand, in the form of a Puerto Rican flag tattoo. Note that it appears next to the hand of heavily tatted and equally scorned improvisational lead shooter (and Freehold, NJ native) J.R. Smith.

Que bonita bandera yo.


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