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Four Things Hillary Clinton Should Say To Get New York Puerto Rican Votes

“In 1984, bankruptcy protection was arbitrarily taken away from Puerto Rico by Congress.” “The Puerto Rico debt should be audited to reveal possible illegal transactions, as well as Wall Street abuses, not only in the sale of the debt but also debt swap underwriting.” “There should be no fiscal oversight board. Puerto Ricans alone should […]

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An Interview With Rafael Bernabe, PPT Candidate for Governor of Puerto Rico

Last week on Living in Spanglish radio, I interviewed PPT Candidate for Governor Rafael Bernabe, who spoke about various aspects of the Puerto Rico debt crisis. We spoke about the fiscal oversight board included in a House bill designed to impose austerity measures and colonial control over the island’s economic functions as a a way […]

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Puerto Rico's Colonial Status

The Solution to Puerto Rico’s Economic Crisis

Here’s the first paragraph in this week’s New York Times story about  Puerto Rico’s manufactured debt crisis: “Standard & Poor’s downgraded the debt of Puerto Rico to junk status on Tuesday, intensifying a cash squeeze for the commonwealth, whose financial condition is of outsize importance to the rest of the United States because its debt is widely […]

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