Four Things Hillary Clinton Should Say To Get New York Puerto Rican Votes

  1. “In 1984, bankruptcy protection was arbitrarily taken away from Puerto Rico by Congress.”
  2. “The Puerto Rico debt should be audited to reveal possible illegal transactions, as well as Wall Street abuses, not only in the sale of the debt but also debt swap underwriting.”
  3. “There should be no fiscal oversight board. Puerto Ricans alone should be responsible for resolving the debt and moving forward with plans to revive the island’s economy.”
  4. “I will return and renounce all donations to my campaign from hedge fund owners of Puerto Rico debt.”



3 thoughts on “Four Things Hillary Clinton Should Say To Get New York Puerto Rican Votes

  1. I agree with you Mr Ed Morales,
    Both Republicans and Democrates are receiving contributions from Vulture Hedge Funds.
    Hillary Clinton has received as well!
    Puerto Rico is facing powerful forces against them.
    As an observation:
    Paul Singer, Vulture Hedge Fund has received Billions from Argentina and was involved in its debt crisis. He is giving millions to candidate of 2016 Campaign. Also Monarch Capital and Blue Mountain Capital owners Andrew Feldstein and Stephen Siderow , they are fighting against bankrupcy and restructure its debt for Puerto Rico.
    They want their money, they want it now and in full!!!

  2. Reblogged this on KINGRAIZED and commented:
    She can say all she wants. I still Would Not Vote Hillary Clinton for President.
    Then again we are Not living in a Democratic society any longer. Wallstreet, Big Business, Wealthy families like Lehman Brothers, GE, Wal-Mart Family and like funnel extaggering amounts of Money into a political bank chess which ends up giving leverage to the would be President Of Their The United States.
    These people don’t want a Bernie Sanders like President and they will fund massive amount of Cash to sway the polls into having Americans believe that a certain campaign is ahead in the polls when in reality they are Not. This is a tactical maneuver to get the rest of the American people to follow and support their candidate and it has worked in the past.
    Don’t fall for these maneuvers Stick To the Candidate that will bring about unbiased change to our country. Not statistically biased poll rigging and sway you away from Your Choice!!!

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