Living in Spanglish Radio: Afro-Latino Edition

This edition of Living in Spanglish Radio features an interview with Amilcar Priestly, co-director of New York’s Afro-Latino Festival. In our conversation we talk about the growing need for and efficacy of expressing an Afro-Latino identity and even talk a little about its connection with Black Lives Matter. I also play music featured at the Afro-Latino Festival and the Latin Alternative Music Conference. Artists include Los Rakas, Oshún, Princess Nokia, Agudos Clef, Santi Mostaffa, and John Grvy. Plus: new music from Orishas, Pedrito Martínez, Yissy & Bandancha, La Tribu de Abrante, Pirulo y su Tribu, La Máquina Insular, Miramar, iLe, and Lara Bello. A must for those who have not heard Fuego’s translation of “Hotline Bling.” And the usual cutting commentary by @SpanglishKid.


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