On Vendidos and the Latino Vote

It’s true. So many of us are sellouts that it really doesn’t surprise anyone anymore. How are you going to get anywhere unless you brand yourself (with a red-hot poker)? I mean, Jay Z doesn’t even understand what the reason for Occupy Wall Street is, and he’s from the projects. Case in point: Ruben (doesn’t deserve an accent over the “e”) Navarette’s ridiculous editorial urging Latinos not to vote. Kudos to Huffington Post‘s Raul A. Reyes for his merciless takedown of Navarette, complete with evidence of conflict of interest and journalistic chicanery. (No I didn’t mean to say he is a Chicano).

But seriously from the beginning Naverette has been actively trying to sabotage the impact of the Latino vote by pretending to be outraged about Obama’s real inaction re: immigration reform and his administration’s sorry record of increased deportations. His goal hasn’t been to illuminate political realities for the Latino electorate but rather to turn them against Obama and vote Republican. Given that it’s next to impossible that anyone who graduated from Harvard could think that the Republicans were going to go any way other than the utterly racist direction that they have gone vis a vis immigration, my guess is this travesty the Denver Post published as an editorial was his all-along premeditated end game.

Like the rest of the voter-repression mob, Navarette’s only goal has been to discourage Latinos from voting, period, but like all dubious “centrist” hucksters who are thinly veiled corrupt Republican operatives, he will be forced to come to the horrifying realization that Latinos have finally figured out that they are massively discriminated against and need to absolutely dismiss Republicans the way African-Americans have for several decades. Last night’s Latino decisions is predicting a 72.9% Latino vote for the Democrats. It’s probably going to mean Florida, so read ’em and weep, Rube.


Check out this livestream feed of WAPA TV for details on tonight’s chaotic election in Puerto Rico:



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