Cojones and White Anxiety

Yesterday was a banner day for bizarre self-contradiction by the right on two of our treasured American issues…cojones and white anxiety. Witness former Alaska governor turned Fox nobody Sarah Palin using Spanish to defend the chief perpetrator of the blatantly anti-Latino Arizona law called SB 1070! That is, if you think saying “co-ho-nays” qualifies as speaking Spanish.

The gender and cross-cultural dynamic here is fascinating. Here is the great female hope of Republican wacko-consevatism, Palin, using a word that signifies masculine strength in the language of the other–the not “real American”–to describe another woman, Arizona governor Jan Brewer–even more obsessed with eradicating “others,”–as being way more masculine than La Femme Obama. One wonders what word Palin may have had to use if not for the hordes of border crossers who would never say “cojones” on national television because it would give the impression that they were born and raised in the sewer.

For Palin, “co-ho-nays” has the valence of “saulsa cun kayso,” or “chimmi-chongus,” words that are to be performed as if she were the headliner at a minstrel show called “Sarah the Red Hot Ombray with Co-ho-nays.” It’s inconceivable to imagine her taking the next conjugative step and announce that she was “en-co-ho-nado” with the idea of ending Bush’s tax cuts for the rich. Which begs the question, if all of these “illegals” were stubbornly not learning the language as they are accused of, what good does all this posturing in English do? When will a real man from the Republican Party step up and tell them what they can do with their fake IDs, ombray a ombray, I mean mano y mano?

Palin should go on Jorge Ramos one night and say:

“Mira, sinvergüenzas! Que parte de la palabra ‘ilegal’ no entienden? Salte de mi país porque me estoy encojonando y te voy a partir el hueso! Porque yo soy así, carajo!”

Just a thought.

And another thing. Que cojones is Gregory Rodríguez’s problem? I mean, this is psychotic! He suggests that we should end affirmative action to avoid a “destructive white backlash in the face of a diversifying society”? Here’s the only thing he says that make sense:

I believe that white racial anxiety, not immigration, will be the most significant and potentially dangerous socio-demographic trend of the coming decade.

So instead of continuing a policy that helps to rectify imbalances in our still-race-challenged, or even more race-challenged than it was 10 years ago society, we should “give in” to “white anxiety”? It is precisely this “white anxiety” that has led to the creation of laws like SB 1070, the extreme fringe of the Tea Party movement, and the unjust firing of US Agriculture employe Shirley Sherrod just two weeks ago!

Fox News! Get on in Rodriguez right now! He’s perfect!

Meanwhile, “white anxiety” is now behind the movement to “review” (read repeal) the 14th amendment. These people got some cojones.


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