Murdoch and the New McCarthyism

As you’re recovering from the latest Andrew Breitbart/Fox News scam that resulted in the ouster of a Department of Agriculture employee, consider this, one of countless examples of propaganda disguised as news presented by Rupert Murdoch’s media empire: This morning an article in El Nuevo Día points out that images shown during a July 9th “Cavuto” episode on Fox News (posted above) incorrectly gave the perception that the demonstrators were the main aggressors during the Capitolio violence on June 30. The article also suggests that footage of recent violent protests in Greece were intertwined with the San Juan footage to enhance the appearance that the Puerto Rico protestors were exceptionally aggressive.

This sort of stuff is nothing new of course for the Murdoch Media Empire, responsible for the phony New Black Panther Party scandal and the destruction of community organizing group Acorn. Today also brings news of the Murdoch-owned Wall Street Journal‘s editorial page red-baiting El Diario-La Prensa as the home of alleged Russian spy Vicky Peláez, while at the same time using a sinister guilt-by-association reference to longtime local gadfly columnist Gerson Borrero.

Is this what’s in store for us now, a tarring and feathering of anyone whose work may have been reprinted in Granma? If you’ve been waiting for evidence of something like a New McCarthyism in America, I think you’re seeing it now.

[Note: if you can’t get through the WSJ paywall by clicking on the link above, just search “pelaez borrero wall street journal” and you’ll get through to the complete editorial.]


One thought on “Murdoch and the New McCarthyism

  1. What’s also shameful here is that Fortuño should be demanding a correction or an apology. It is clear though that he is up to his usual pro-statehood agenda by making several hints and/or comparisons to states during the interview by making his governmental actions seem extraordinary.

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