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Eric Cantor, Immigration Reform, and the Paralysis of US Politics

The defeat of House Majority Leader Eric Cantor is a clear signal that American national politics is in a self-destructive spiral of extremist fear-mongering that has brought about a dangerous creeping paralysis. While his primary defeat is characterized by several pundits as a victory of “grassroots” Tea Party organizing, it is a distorted spectacle where […]

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Charles Rangel and El Nuevo New York Politics

“Hablemos dos puertorriqueños aquí apoyando a Charlie Rangel,” said Luis Gutiérrez, standing with fellow US Representative José Serrano as they entered a press conference to announce their support for the ageless Rangel, who is facing a serious challenge to his Congressional seat in an upcoming June 24 Democratic Primary. The symbolism was palpable: two Puerto […]

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Marco Rubio and the Politics of Nada

Marco Rubio is the most hyped Latino/Hispanic politician in America today. As a senator from Florida, he plays a much more visible role than, say, Luis Gutiérrez, a representative from Obama’s political home, Chicago. And despite the sporadic buzz about Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuño as a possible player in the Republican Party’s attempt at […]

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