Hurricane Maria Means More Media

The aftermath of Hurricane Maria has created an unprecedented focus on Puerto Rico by the mainstream and alternative media in the last month or so. It’s been rather bewildering how much energy has been devoted to covering Puerto Rico after what has been essentially a media blackout for most of the island’s tenure as a colony of the United States. I’ve been alternately impressed and chagrined by what’s been appearing on various sites–from some strong work that digs intelligently into some significant issues (i.e., Kate Aronoff and David Dayen in In These Times and Intercept) to a lot of overheated disaster narratives that were in some cases impactful, others repetitive and bordering on lurid.

As a result of all of this, I’ve been asked to appear on several radio programs to speak about Puerto Rico and the Maria aftermath, so I’ve compiled them here with links provided.

FAIR’s excellent show “Counterspin,” hosted by Janine Jackson, had me on solo to do a wide-ranging look at the Hurricane, debt crisis, and Puerto Rico’s colonial reality:


Aaron Matee interviewed my for The Real News Network out of Baltimore:

KCRW’s Madeline Brand featured me for 5-7 minutes on her show “Press Play”:

The wonderful crew led by Selena Hill on WCHR Harlem Radio had me on for about an hour on “Let Your Voice Be Heard”:

KALW’s “Your Call” featured me and Professor Jonathan Rosa of Stanford for an hour-long discussion on the immediate aftermath of Hurricane Maria:

Dan Loney of Knowldege@Wharton interviewed me with Center for Investigative Journalism Puerto Rico director Carla Minet for that regularly broadcast show on the Wharton School Channel:

Finally, I was interviewed for Slate by Isaac Chotiner:

And, just before the Hurricane Maria nightmare began, I did this short segment for the Brian Lehrer Show on WNYC about the use of the label “Latinx,” which happens to be the name of my upcoming book.





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