The Last J-Lo Post (for now)

I couldn’t resist this one, since Olbermann has gotten continuously edgier in this Al Gore-sponsored version of his muckraking show. In fact you can really see why he left MSNBC. With just a few exceptions (some Maddow, some Ed Schultz), MSNBC has focused much more on the endless stupidity of the Republican Presidential Debates and their attendant fallout (9 Cain Scandals, 9 Cain Stupid Comments, 9 Hideous Faces Made by Newt, Mitt, Rick and Michelle) than the emerging Occupy inspired protest movement. Keith features Vlad Teichberg, the 80-year-old woman who got pepper sprayed, Ray Lewis, the police captain who submitted himself to arrest at an Occupy demo, while MSNBC has this parade of snarky reporters from Politico obsessed with Herman Cain’s squeezes. Anyway, this spot references the post by the tenacious David Gonzalez, and Olbermann utters “TATS CRU” for perhaps the first time on national television. (Except that Cablevision, the union-busting imbeciles that monopolize the Bronx, still won’t carry Current!!) I really hope this is the last of this. (But then again, I secretly don’t?)


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