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Charles Rangel and El Nuevo New York Politics

“Hablemos dos puertorriqueños aquí apoyando a Charlie Rangel,” said Luis Gutiérrez, standing with fellow US Representative José Serrano as they entered a press conference to announce their support for the ageless Rangel, who is facing a serious challenge to his Congressional seat in an upcoming June 24 Democratic Primary. The symbolism was palpable: two Puerto […]

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New Wave Conservative Labrador Gets Good PR

I’m not sure if you’ve wasted your time reading this press release about Tea Party bobo Raúl Labrador (R-Idaho) in the Huffington Post, but if you did you might have wondered whether you were reading the arch-right Daily Caller instead. After all, it quotes word for word the same passage about el bravo Raúl fighting back against MSNBC’s effete […]

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