America and Race, Globalization, Hemispheric Identity, Puerto Rico's Colonial Status, Urban/Global Politics, US Intervention in Latin America

Oscar López Rivera and the Colonial Truth of Puerto Rico

  The campaign to free Puerto Rican nationalist Oscar López Rivera, a political prisoner confined in a US federal penitentiary since 1981, has dominated various sectors of Puerto Rican activism for the last decade. The demonstrators behind 34 Mujeres Por Oscar has been a fixture at Union Squre Park and other locations around New York for […]

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Urban/Global Politics

The Elephant in the Room

  From a recent op ed published by The Progressive Media Project: In the aftermath of one of the worst midterm election defeats in memory, Democrats need to regain their standing by fulfilling President Obama’s original vision and reasserting a progressive agenda. The election, which saw the Republican Party sweep the Senate, as well as […]

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