My Interview With Economist Ian Seda-Irizarry on the Supply Side Puerto Rico Junta

In this interview with economist Ian Seda-Irizarry about the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis on Living in Spanglish radio broadcast on September 8th, we explore the new fiscal oversight board known mandated by the PROMESA bill passed by Congress. We reveal the conflict of interests that some members bring to the board, analyze the collaboration between local island elites and financial sector interests, and discuss what can be done by mounting resistance.


Ian is also a hardcore salsa aficionado, and I invited hm to pick some salsa tracks and comment on them. You can listen to the full program below, with the Seda-Irizarry segment beginning at around 37 minutes into the broadcast:


And finally, I have breaking news: a slightly edited version of my most recent post, HOW THE TRUMP CLOWN SHOW OBSCURES MEXICO AND PUERTO RICO’S BIG POLITICAL PICTURE was posted today on Jacobin magazine’s website. The new post, titled THE TECHNOCRATIC TAKEOVER can be accessed that by clicking here.


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