Otura Mun Explains His New Yoruban-Electronic Project, IFÉ

On the latest edition of the Living in Spanglish radio show on WBAI-FM, Otura Mun, a Santurce, PR-based rumbero who has also been a producer and beat mixmaster, talks about his new project, IFÉ. Starting with how he was inspired by seeing an old photograph of the 1965 Watts Riots, and describing the 2-3 clave energy he finds in Jamaican dancehall, Mun (a/k/a US-born African American Mark Underwood) explains his new path, which uses electronic drum and sampling technology, to transmit ancient messages. This is a great listen, with the ifá babalawo telling us what time it us, literally and figuratively.

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  1. Félicitations pour ce post ! 🙂

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