Huffington Post Latino Voices Game-Changer

Huffington Post Latino Voices Still Strikingly Inane

Just yesterday we got new revelations about how the Latino vote will affect this year’s presidential election: Cuban-Americans now make up the majority of Latinos in the U.S.! In this March 19th post by Sarah Gates, she reveals how Eva Longoria, in her new role as political spokesperson for the Latino community, has reassessed the playing field and provided a clue for why Republicans don’t stand a chance with us:

With Republican candidate Mitt Romney fresh off a victory in Puerto Rico, Mitchell showed a clip of Romney speaking about how conservative principles and Latino voters just go together.

Longoria shoots down Romney’s claim, labeling it a huge generalization since his Puerto Rico primary win does not guarantee that he will win the Latino vote. Especially since most Latinos in the U.S. are not Puerto Rican. That majority belongs to Cuban-Americans, who make up 63 percent of the population, Longoria says.

This is astonishing news. First, according to Gates, Longoria makes the innovative claim that since Romney spoke in Puerto Rico to statehood-favoring Puerto Ricans, this means that Puerto Ricans tend to vote Republican. Then, she asserts, according to shocking new figures, that because Cuban-Americans make up 63 per cent of the Latino population (probably attributable to a post 9-11 baby boom in Miami), and I guess tend not to vote for Republicans, Romney is trying to pull the wool over our eyes by implying that all Latinos are natural conservatives.

Shame on you, Mitt, for trying to dumb down Americans, and Latinos!

(Okay, for the record big ups to Longoria for speaking out on the Republican attack on women, and you can see and hear what she really meant to say here. Although it’s not clear that she understands that she is at least tangentially working with Puerto Rican attorney Andrés W. Lopez, a prominent Obama “bundler”* and supporter of Puerto Rican statehood, in her efforts to re-elect Obama.)

*This New York Times article incorrectly stated that Andrés W. López was a “law school classmate,” of Obama’s. According to his page on the website for the Puerto Rico chapter of the Federal Bar Association, López did not get his B.A. from Harvard until 1992, whereas Obama graduated with a law degree in 1991.


Yesterday, whether as a result of internal reassessment or because of this post, the above-mentioned dispatch was re-edited and now states correctly that Mexican-Americans are the largest Latino population in the U.S. But I did hold on to the original, which is below:


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