Soñando con Puerto Rico

I know I’m a little late on this, but maybe Lebron should consider rehabilitating his image by reviving this classic New York salsa band.

Speaking of brothas in the tropics, how about that classic moment when POTUS removed his suit jacket in a 90-degree aircraft hangar in San Juan? Then proceeded to butcher the pronunciation of every prominent Puerto Rican politician’s name. Well I guess they deserved it, right, for wanting statehood.

Here he is shaking hands with Puerto Rico president Marc Anthony.

I don’t think I’ve seen one mention of the police brutality at the University of Puerto Rico, Oscar Rivera López, or the Gasoducto in any of the MiamiStreamMedia recaps of the visit so far.

The most curious tactical political moment of the “day in the tropics”? Obama’s surprise lunch with PDP gubernatorial candidate Alejandro García Padilla. At Kasalta, of all places. God I miss that place. I can almost taste the croquetas.

They say he had the Medianoche.


3 thoughts on “Soñando con Puerto Rico

  1. ok, one thing is to sing “Aguanile” at American Idol. But why did Marc have to steal the spotlight and show up at the island for this? They say Obama spent more greeting him than local politicians. Ok, Marc we get that you’re part of whatever White House Hispanic Committee – but give us a break!
    Love the Kasalta moment, though!

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