The Surveillance Society Breakfast

In the hopes of reaching a wider audience (foodies), I’d like to start with something I had for breakfast 7 years ago.

All that fruit got me to thinking, this connection between Spitzer, Assange, and Strauss (and the NYC Cop Rape Case) that has been gnawing at me lately was already posited by the daring Naomi Wolf. (Actually, I’m not sure who is more daring, Naomi Wolf or Naomi Klein.) Wolf states, quite insightfully that “…policy outcomes can be advanced nowadays, in a surveillance society, by exploiting or manipulating sex-crime charges, whether real or inflated.” The most chilling assumption: “in a surveillance society” as a given.

I got referred to this piece by Bill Keller, who is quitting the helm of The New York Times to become a writer. And guess what’s the first thing he wants to write about? A theory of conspiracy theories! Kind of like my last 80grados post. Check it out, he starts out by referring to Richard Hofstader. This is an amazing coincidence (my piece was published on May 13, but if you check out the “conspiracy theory” entry in Wikipedia [like I did] you get to Hofstader pretty quick).

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The explanation for the sudden proliferation of conspiracy theories is that people are starting to Question Authority. I mean, only since the late ’70s. After all, there was Watergate. It did happen, right? And Iran-Contra, too, let’s not forget that. Two blips in an otherwise legit history of American political life suddenly thrust into prominence by a series of recessions and the undertow of authentic resistance and synthetic counterculture. The voice of reason will have us believe this.

But is Keller, playing the role of the “objective journalist” any reasonable person can relate to making a false equivalence between birtherism and the Strauss case?

Breaking news: The Iraq War is still in effect. Mission still not accomplished. The little box that appears in the lower left corner reminds me there are only 4 articles left, and it’s only 6 days into June. What’s a Latino/a to do? (Download an alternate browser, clear the cache).

Finally, a chance to sabotage my political career–here is a picture I carelessly posted on Twitter:

This is my I-pod, completely naked. No hacker involved, I can vouch for that.


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