Remaining Faceless

I’ve been considering the possibility that to show face in this world means your are in tacit complicity with what is being done in the name of the ruling class.

That didn’t used to be true, or maybe claiming so is a convenient way to rationalize an earlier life of preaching to the Downtown choir about the evils of the First Gulf War. But there were so many of us that night at Theater for the New City that it hardly mattered that we gave our names.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not going Franzen on you.

It’s just that when you go on Facebook, like I never do, just to do a little journalistic research, these random things come up like photo galleries from people you don’t really want to see. Some times these things hurt, and maybe it’s because  I’ve never pressed a Like button in my whole life.

I got into a long email conversation about the last post. Apparently some people think that Strauss is being railroaded, just like Julian Assange, by people who want to silence him. They say that he represented a relatively benign tendency in the IMF.

Somehow i got the same feeling as when I read about the verdict in the East Village Cop Rape Case. Why  does this seem like the persistent narrative of our times? Do we really need the DNA to know what happened?

I need to get a job acting on one of those cop shows. This way everyone would know who I was.


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