Marc-Lo: No me Ames

Okay, sorry I ever defended J-Lo over that Daily News cover story. Here she is with Marc celebrating the passage of the new “Ley de Incentivos Económicos para la Industria Fílmica de Puerto Rico,” an extension of an existing law that is apparently an attempt to make up for the loss of section 936 by allowing films to be made in Puerto Rico for little or no labor cost or tax burden. (Okay, I realized this law could have benefits, but where is the New Puerto Rican Cinema so far?) At some point Fortuño addressed them in English, proving again that we are a bicultural people.

San Juan mayor Jorge Santini, who is coincidentally being dogged again about when or if he will ever take a drug test, was originally opposed to the law and for some reason was not allowed the opportunity to speak, although Marc, who looked bemused by being so flattered by a gathering of isleños, shouldered on with his own improvised speech.

Meanwhile, earlier this week the Puerto Rican legislature passed a new law increasing the maximum penalty for wearing a mask (or any other type of disguise, using makeup or other prosthesis) for the “purposes of avoiding discovery while committing a violation of the law,” seemingly targeting masked demonstrators, from six months to three years. Here is a photo of Santini explaining that Marc and J-Lo’s makeup is okay because just being onstage with Fortuño does not technically constitute committing a crime against the Puerto Rican people.


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