Selected Works

Who’s Responsible for Puerto Rico’s Debt? The Nation 

As the debate over PROMESA intensifies, a Puerto Rico government-backed debt audit commission issues a report saying that much of the debt may be illegal under its Constitution.

Closing Rikers: A Four-Part Series Investigating Whether Reforms or Closure Will Solve the Horrors of the Rikers Island Prison Complex

Is an Obama Donor Tying the President’s Hands on the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis?

How Hedge Funds and Vulture Funds Have Exploited Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis

The Roots of Puerto Rico’s Debt Crisis and Why Austerity Won’t Work

Puerto Ricans Brace for Worst As Debt Crisis Intensifies

Radically Reshaping Latin@ America

A View on Cuba’s Opening From the De Facto U.S. Colony of Puerto Rico

What’s Behind the Latino Impatience With Bill DiBlasio?

Koch Front Group: The Libre Initiative The Progressive 2014’-latino-front

Calle 13’s Transformative Space NACLA Report on the Americas 2014’s-transformative-space

Hindsight on Redistricting: Rangel Won. Did Voters? City Limits

Salseros Supplanted by DJs: Fania Can’t Revive Glory Days Fusion

Un Verano en Nueva York: A Summer of Latin Alternatives NACLA Report on the Americas

New York’s Changing Latino Politics NACLA Report on the Americas

The New Wave of Latin TV: Inside the Fusion Network Rolling Stone

Luis Gutiérrez: Congress’ Rebel With a Cause Rolling Stone

The Circular Logic of a Puerto Rican Juror ABC News/Fusion

Draco Rosa: From Livin’ la Vida Loca to Beating Cancer ABC News/Univision

Sonia Sotomayor: An Ordinary Woman? ABC News/Univision

A New Era in Puerto Rico’s Unsettled History   ABC News/Univision

Oscar Contender “On the Road” Burns the Candle on Both Ends   ABC News/Univision

The Story of How a Puerto Rican Jew Jump-started Hiphop ABC News/Univision

How Brazil’s Caetano Veloso Went From Renegade to Musical Idol ABC News/Univision

The Puerto Rican Plebiscite That Wasn’t   ABC News/Univision

Will New York Ever Have a Latino Mayor? City Limits

In Puerto Rico, Political Discourse Dominated by a Puppet ABC News/Fusion

Stop Using the Word “Illegal” to Describe Undocumented Immigrants   Newsday

Bogotá Reinvents Itself Through Tropical Music   ABC News/Univison

This Is How You Tell It: Junot Díaz’s New Book Is Full of Spanglish Zanganerías ABC News/Univisoin

The Story of Rodriguez, the Greatest Mexican American Rock Legend You Never Heard Of ABC News Univision

Why Oliver Stone’s “Savages” Stands Tall Among Classic Cartel Flicks ABC News/Univision

Puerto Rico’s Policing Problem The Nation

Blades’ career combines music with acting and politics NJ Star Ledger

Outrageous Fortuño The Nation

His Island City The New York Times

Nickels and Dimes The New York Times

The Media is the Mensaje The Nation

Brown Like Me The Nation

Spanish Harlem on His Mind The New York Times

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