Marco Rubio and the Politics of Nada

Marco Rubio is the most hyped Latino/Hispanic politician in America today. As a senator from Florida, he plays a much more visible role than, say, Luis Gutiérrez, a representative from Obama’s political home, Chicago. And despite the sporadic buzz about Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuño as a possible player in the Republican Party’s attempt at […]

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The Food Stamp President?

Luis Gutiérrez is becoming one of the better You Tube orators in the House of Representatives. This one is a little bit behind the news cycle, but it’ll still get you to jump out of your chair with outrage if you let the words sink in. There’s also an element of comedy here, perhaps inspired by the Stewart/Colbert phenomenon. The sobering part is the empty seats in front of him.

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Self-Deportation Scoop

Just wanted to congratulate Rachel Maddow and The New York Times for figuring out that Lalo Alcaraz invented the idea of self-deportation, which was somehow conveniently picked up on during recent Republican debates. My reaction when I first heard the phrase was similar to what Lalo has been quoted as saying–it was a surreal journey […]

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