What Is To Be Done?

When I interviewed them last summer, Betty Peña and her daughter Eliza came to meet me with some avocados they brought from Caguas, where they live. They were shiny and ripe in the basket, a gift for the office full of people that were advocating for them. Betty is a schoolteacher and a member of […]

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Martí and the Ugly Truth

José Martí, claimed by both sides in the Havana-Miami civil war, once wrote an essay called “The Truth About the United States,” which is of course a loaded phrase, kind of scary to contemplate, but why not start with the above, which is a picture of a 1949 incident in Old Havana’s Parque Central in […]

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Work It: The Reactionary Backlash

“Life would be much simpler if people who are subjected to persistent marginalization and disparagement weren’t so “sensitive” and just took their insults and degradation, or pretended they weren’t really about them. Persistently marginalized and disparaged people should not speak up because they are to blame for their own problems. Identifying with marginalized victimhood prevents […]

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