Fear and Loathing in San Juan

A few weeks ago, Johnny Depp gave a press conference during a junket for his new film Rango, during which he announced that he was no longer in the running to play Pancho Villa in Serbian director Emir Kusturica’s upcoming film about the Mexican revolutionary. “I feel like [he] should be played by a Mexican and not some […]

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She Said, He Said, We Said

UPR Chancellor Ana Guadalupe spoke for the first time today reacting to last week’s disturbance during which she was accosted by a group of student demonstrators. She said that there were times she felt her life was in danger, and she struggled with the idea of resigning. But she remains resolute in her position and […]

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Chaos in the Colony pt. 6

Unfortunately the clearest result of today’s spontaneous acts of violence and intimidation of University of Puerto Rico chancellor Ana Guadalupe is that, for the moment, the student strike movement has lost the moral high ground. They have also played into the hands of the university administration and the monopoly ruling party by providing a modicum […]

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There’s No “We” Here

On Wednesday, Puerto Rico governor Luis Fortuño led a rally staged by his party, the New Progressive Party, celebrating the 94th anniversary of the Jones Act, which granted Puerto Ricans U.S. citizenship. “American citizenship is a determining factor in our lives, both individually and collectively,” he said in his message to the gathering. He also […]

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Marc-Lo: No me Ames

Okay, sorry I ever defended J-Lo over that Daily News cover story. Here she is with Marc celebrating the passage of the new “Ley de Incentivos Económicos para la Industria Fílmica de Puerto Rico,” an extension of an existing law that is apparently an attempt to make up for the loss of section 936 by allowing […]

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The Diaspora Strikes Back

This is one of the more inspiring pieces of oratory by a U.S.-based Puerto Rican politician I’ve ever seen. Most interesting is the battle set off by Resident Commissioner Pierliusi’s island-centric critique. The irony is that most of the island’s intelligentsia agrees with Gutiérrez–he even says in the video he’s far from the first person […]

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